Donating to the Collections 

We appreciate the ongoing generosity of our local and national community whose support enables us to continue our mission to promote the understanding of cultural and creative achievements in the textile and fiber arts.

Ways to support the Ruth Funk Center

1. Make a financial gift to the collection fund or the exhibition fund.

2. Donate an individual work of historic or contemporary textile art or donate a comprehensive collection of specific technique, peoples, or geographic region.

To make a financial gift, please contact the administrative office at 321-674-6129 or

Individuals interested in donating a gift of art to the collection must make contact with the Center at (321)674-6129 or for an appointment. Long distance donors will be asked to provide detailed photographs. Please note: the Center’s staff or reception desk cannot receive objects without an accompanying appointment or related correspondence.

What to expect during your donation appointment:

Prospective donors will be asked to provide all known details and provenance related to the work(s) under consideration (for example: how, when and where it was purchased, inherited, or acquired).

If accepted for review, the donor will receive and sign a required temporary custody receipt provided by the Director of Collections or Curator. The object(s) will then be subject to the Center’s internal acquisitions review process, during which it will be researched and evaluated for its age, condition, potential for display, and value to the permanent collection.

Please allow up to three months for formal review. If not accepted, the object(s) will be returned to the prospective donor by the method chosen on the temporary custody receipt. If accepted into the collection, the donor will receive deed of gift paperwork finalizing the donation.

Due to a legal and ethical conflict of interest, the Center’s staff are unable to appraise or assign value to an object. Gifts to the collection are tax deductible. Please contact your financial advisor for advice regarding gifts to non-profit museums.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call the Center’s Administrative Office at (321) 674-6129 or email at